Greetings And Welcome

It is my honor to be in service as a LightPlayer, Wayshower.   For the past few decades, I have been honing my abilities of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience and remote viewing, assisting people on their life’s journey.  More than 22 years ago I was guided to expand my services as a MultiDimensional Alchemist, Transformational Guide to include the Animal Kingdom as a Telepathic Animal Communicator.

Services Offered


My website is designed to minimize my administration time giving information by phone.  I request you honor my time so that I may devote my available time assisting people and animals that have chosen my assistance.  Information about my services, my fees, how I work is available using the menu above and/or hyperlinks.

ALL appointments are scheduled through this website with prepayment through PayPal before an appointment will be scheduled (A PayPal account is not required, you may checkout as a guest using your debit or credit card).  Payments received in my inbox after 3 PM Pacific Time are considered received my next business day.  Appointment days are Monday – Friday, 11 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Time unless special arrangements have been made.  (I may be available on Saturday).  You will receive a confirmation email with your appointment day and time.  If I am unavailable at your requested times then I will email you with my availability.  

Refunds are not offered or given, NO EXCEPTIONS.  I reserve the right to inform you that I am not available, or that I feel that I am not the right person to assist you.

Meet Suzi

As a young child, I was psychically receiving, seeing and feeling things not physically seen by others.  I learned quickly how cruel people were with someone different than they were.  To be accepted I chose to hide my abilities.  In my early teens, my grandfather became my spiritual inspiration introducing me to a metaphysical minister who became a mentor. 

It was not a coincidence that my teenage years were in the 1960’s where the focus was peace marches, freedom, equality for all and songs like The Age Of Aquarius in 1969.  During my 20’s my abilities began to reemerge as I began metaphysical courses, surrounded by people that accepted me for who I am, encouraging me to follow my heart.  For the next few years, I was introduced to alternative healing modalities which strengthened my psychic senses.  Being an intuitive healer was not considered mainstream, but my soul’s urging was stronger than the fear of not being accepted by people that did not understand how I knew things, or how I could see and feel things they could not.

On August 1987 I joined other Lightworkers in the Harmonic Convergence and immediately had a major shift within me, one of my life’s pivotal points.  Through the years I continued to hone my psychic senses, learning additional healing modalities.  Then I was guided to an Animal Communication intensive class and over the course of those weeks, I experienced another major shift.  I felt the cohesiveness of my enhanced senses blending together.  Soon after, St. Francis came to me reminding me of our past lives together, especially when he was known as St. Francis.  He told me that this lifetime I was a Spokesperson for the Animal Kingdom being an Animal Communicator giving a voice to the animals.

After participating in the Harmonic Concordance on November 2003, I strongly felt it was time for me to stop working in the corporate arena and be a healing facilitator.  Another 5 years passed before I created the space for that to happen.  From that point forward my telepathic, clairaudient, clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient and remote viewing abilities have been greatly enhanced with MultiDimensional aspects. 

I currently spend my off time with my youngest sister, who is also a LightPlayer and with our animal friends.  We enjoy the ocean, the beach, snorkeling, living an eco-friendly lifestyle, assisting Gaia and the Animal Kingdom in whatever capacity that is needed at the moment.  I am committed to Ascension, The Age Of Aquarius, New Earth, being a spiritual teacher and guide offering appointments empowering people with an Akashic Records Reading, MultiDimensional Energy, Transformational Guidance and as an Animal Communicator.

I look forward to connecting with you and your animals.

Infinite Blessings