Animal Communication Specialist ~ Akashic Readings ~ Oracle Card Readings ~ MultiDimensional Guidance

Suzi Dalling is an Animal Communication Specialist offering all types of animal communication as well as Akashic Readings, Oracle Card Readings & MultiDimensional Guidance.  Suzi’s psychic gifts include being clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, a master alchemist, remote viewing, energy facilitator and multidimensional channel. She has assisted people and animals globally for decades and is honored to serve as a catalyst and emissary of change, assisting people to release what no longer serves their highest good and discovering their soul’s purpose.


To request an appointment, select type of service desired and submit appointment request form with payment.  You will receive an email with your appointment day and time based on my availability.

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I look forward to connecting with you and your animals.

Infinite Blessings, Suzi