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It is my honor to be in service assisting people and animals as an Animal Communicator, Multidimensional Guide, Akashic Reader and Wayshower.

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ALL appointment requests are scheduled through this website requiring a completed appointment form with PayPal payment before I can schedule.  All appointments are scheduled in the order received and I try my best to schedule within 72 hours of receipt.   A PayPal account is not required to make payment.  Payments received in my inbox after 3 PM Pacific Time are considered received my next business day. 

Appointments are scheduled in Pacific Time Monday – Friday.  You will receive a confirmation email with your appointment day and time or time frame based on my availability.  

Meet Suzi  * Animal Communicator * Multidimensional Guide * Akashic Reader

As a young child, I was psychically receiving, seeing and feeling things not physically seen by others.  I hid my abilities when people said cruel things to me.  In my early teens my grandfather inspired me by introducing me to a metaphysical minister who became my teacher. 

It was not a coincidence that I was a teenager in the mid 1960’s when peace marches, sit ins, freedom, equality for all and songs like The Age Of Aquarius were our focus.

My Journey

My psychic abilities began to reemerge in my 20’s while studying to become a metaphysical minister.  I was surrounded by people that accepted and encouraged me to trust, follow my heart and inner guidance.  Feeling accepted I was guided to learn several alternative healing modalities which strengthened my psychic senses.

August 1987 I participated with other Lightworkers in the Harmonic Convergence, which created a major shift within me, being one of my life’s pivotal points.  I continued to hone my psychic senses  learning additional healing modalities over the next few years. 

In 1995 I completed an intensive Animal Communication course.  Throughout the course, I felt a cohesiveness of my enhanced senses blending together including St. Francis contacting me several times. During one of our conversations he reminded me of our time when he was St. Francis.  He revealed port of my life’s purpose this lifetime is as a Spokesperson for the Animal Kingdom.

I enjoy being with our animals, near the ocean living an eco-friendly lifestyle.  I honor my commitment to assisting Gaia, as a spiritual teacher, Ascension guide and a Voice For The Animal Kingdom.

I look forward to connecting with you and your animals.

Infinite Blessings, Suzi

MultiDimensional Guide

Animal Communication Specialist

Akashic Reader

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