Animal Communication

Animal Communicator

I am honored to be in service as an Animal Communicator and a Spokesperson for the Animal Kingdom, communicating with all domesticated and wild species of the Animal Kingdom.  My purpose is to facilitate a telepathic communication link between you and your animal. 

I talk with Lost Animals, Lost Pets, Missing Animals, Missing Pets, Stolen Animals, Animals In Spirit, Animals at End Of Life (dying), Sick Animals, and General Wellness or with Behavior issues.

An Animal Communicator is known by several names: Pet Psychic, Animal Whisperer, Pet Whisperer, Pet Communicator, Animal Talker, Pet Talker, Interspecies Communicator, Interspecies Animal Communicator, Telepathic Interspecies Communicator, non-verbal communicator and Animal Communication Specialist.

Animal Communication

Animal communication is a telepathic conversation connecting to the individual animals unique cosmic frequency, which is similar to a phone number.  By choosing animal communication you are allowing your animal the opportunity to give you its perspective, discover its needs, what it came here to experience and suggestions it has to experience a better life.   Some animals are very chatty, some express only in feelings, or pictures.  As with humans, animals choose to express in a way that is comfortable to them.

It is not necessary to be physically close your animal or be at home for me to have the conversation.  When I am talking with your animal I am not talking to its physical ears.  Click here for Animal FAQ.

The Animal Kingdom and the Universe live and exist in the NOW moment.  The animals do not make plans using time frames, a clock or calendar, nor do they predict what they will do.  They understand humans like time frames and they do their best to give information as accurate as possible.  The information or time frame they may give is subject to change.

How I Work With Animals

I connect with an animal’s soul essence receiving information with emotions, words, phrases, images, feelings, smells and energy whichever way is comfortable for the animal to communicate.  Your animal knows I am speaking with it on your behalf.  What your animal shares is translated through my own vocabulary when I describe what your animal is communicating. I might say “he/she said, is saying or is showing me, or I am being shown or I feel, I sense.”

I do not guess what your animal wants to say.   I ask very specific questions, will describe any feelings, pictures, and thoughts they send or allow me to see through their eyes in that moment. If what they share is not clear to me I will repeat what they have said to be sure that is what they wanted to communicate to you.

Living In the Now

As humans, we interpret “NOW” meaning immediately in this moment.  The NOW moment in the Universe spans all time and not defined by a time frame.  When we are given a time frame either from an animal or the Universe it is an approximation and can change because of free will.  The human mind wants the time frame given to be exact and becomes disappointed when it is not. 

Human Telepathy

Most likely you have experienced telepathy more often than you may have realized in your life.  As an example, you will think about someone during the day and soon after you will either see them somewhere or they call you.  Your telepathic message was received by them or you received their telepathic message.

Humans are continually broadcasting thoughts and feelings even if we are not conscious of it. These feelings can be intense, uncomfortable and distracting for the person receiving them.  When we are emotionally distraught the thoughts and feelings are broadcast like a tsunami.  Animals and sensitive people sense and feel this as static energy.

The human mind wants to keep things the same and is reluctant to changes.  Humans can find it difficult to see things from the animal’s perspective because they only know their own perspective.

Telepathy With Animals

If the issues or emotions are intense or complex, it can be a challenge for the animal to send clear, specific or complete messages.  They know you want to know what is taking place and they also know how you react to situations.

Both you and your animal have Free Will.  I cannot guarantee that your animal will answer the questions I ask, tell you the complete truth, you receive all the answers you want, or that you will understand or believe what your animal said. Your animal knows you and your situation and will reveal what it feels you will understand or need to know in that moment your animal and I are talking.  I am not accountable for choices or decisions that either you or your animal make at any point during or after my communication with either of you.


Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 11 AM Pacific Time – 3:00 PM Pacific Time.  My intention is to schedule appointments to be completed 36 hours from receipt of appointment form and payment with exception of weekends, holidays, computer issue, electrical or internet/cable outages.

Requirement:  You must be the animal’s person to request an appointment.  Animal’s Person is also known as the person the animal lives with, belongs to or owner.  The animal’s home usually is the same address as the animal’s person. (Exceptions are horses being stabled in another location, or an animal temporarily living with a friend or relative etc.) If your animal has been staying in another location other than your home, please give the person’s name, address and how long the animal has been there. (i.e. pet sitter, kennel, vet’s office, relative, neighbor etc.)

My website forms are designed to give me detailed information to ask the best questions possible to your animal within the allotted appointment time and to expedite scheduling appointments. 

Completed forms with all detail information are scheduled quickly.  NOTE:  If I send you an email to either clarify or get additional information my time spent on the email will be deducted from the scheduled appointment time talking with your animal.   

The appointment is complete when I disconnect telepathically from your animal.  If your appointment was by email I will immediately email you what they said and you will receive everything your animal shared

If you have further questions or want additional information from your animal, please select and pay for another appointment. 

If you want to talk to me personally, select the Talk With Suzi link from the Personal Appointments in the menu.  NOTE I will not be connected with your animal, will not answer questions about or for your animal

I am intuitive, psychically gifted and sensitive to energy fluctuations and I reserve the right to change any appointment to an EMAIL appointment if I am guided to do so for the highest good of all concerned.  I reserve the right to inform you I am unavailable, I feel that a phone or Skype session will not provide the clearest connection or that I am the right person to assist you.