Animal Communication

Animal Communication

Are you curious what your animal has to say to you?  Animal communication presents the opportunity to receive your animal’s perspective whether it is Lost, In Spirit, Sick, at End Of Life, Behavioral or General wellness.  It is a telepathic conversation between a human and an individual animal, it is not me expressing my opinion or belief.  Each animal has a unique cosmic frequency, which is similar to a human phone number.

How Animals Talk

Some animals are very chatty, excited they have the opportunity they’ve waited for to talk and begin talking right away.  Some animals may take longer to respond, might express with only a few words, some might give smells, some share feelings, or pictures.  Each animal is unique and chooses to express in a way that is comfortable for them in that moment.  Your animal has something to share.  Are you willing and open to receive what your animal has to say?

I communicate with all domestic and wild animals, whether lost animals, in spirit, sick, at end of life, demonstrating a behavior issue, potential adoptees, general wellness and soul purpose.  I create a sacred space allowing your animal the opportunity to give you it’s perspective.  Your animal may share what it feels it needs, what it came here to experience, what is for its highest good, suggestions it has to experience a better life, optimal health, messages for you and more.  I am not in control of what your animal chooses to say or do.

New To Animal Communication?

Before continuing I invite you to read my article on Free Will, because every animal and person has it, and the definition is very often misunderstood. You must be the animal’s person to request an appointment, no exceptions.  The animal’s person is the person that the animal lives with and responsible for its well being. 

 What To Know

It is not necessary for me to be physically close your animal, you be at home or in the same location for me to have the conversation.  When I am talking with your animal I am not talking to its physical ears and I do not require a picture.  Click here for Animal FAQ and How To Word Questions.

How I Communicate With Animals

I connect with an animal’s soul essence receiving information with emotions, words, phrases, images, feelings, smells and energy whichever way is comfortable for the animal to communicate.  I introduce myself and tell your animal that you have requested that I talk with it on your behalf.  What your animal shares is translated and described through my own vocabulary. I might say ‘he or she said, is saying, is showing me, or I feel or sense.’

I will ask your questions as specifically as possible and will describe any feelings, pictures, and thoughts your animal sends.  If what they share is unclear to me I will repeat that is what they wanted to communicate to you.  I will make suggestions on your behalf, however I cannot force them to answer, do anything or change their mind.

Living In the Now

As humans, we interpret “NOW” meaning immediately.  The NOW moment in the Universe spans all time, all dimensions, not defined by linear time, which is how humans view time.  When a time frame is given either from an animal or the Universe it is an approximation.  This approximation can be difficult for the human mind to accept because it wants the time frame to be exact.  With lost animals the human tends to panic when the time frame has passed and the animal has not returned. 

The animals know humans live by time frames and many will offer their best estimate of a time frame.  Understand it is only an estimate.  The animal has free will to change their mind.  Anything can change right after or even during our conversation that causes them to make an adjustment in their initial time or location given.

Human Telepathy

You most likely have experienced telepathy more often than you may have realized.  For example, you think about someone, soon after you either see them or they contact you, your telepathic message was received by them.

Humans are continually broadcasting thoughts and feelings even if we are not conscious of it. These feelings can be intense, uncomfortable and distracting for the person receiving them.  Having distraught, desperate, sadness thoughts and feelings they are broadcast out from us like a tsunami.  Animals and sensitive people sense and feel this as static energy. 

The human mind prefers things to remain the same and resists change.  Most humans find it difficult to perceive the animal’s perspective because we only know our own perspective from our experiences.

Telepathy With Animals

If the issues or emotions are complex, it can be challenging for the animal to send clear, or complete messages.  They know you want to know what is taking place and know how you react to situations.

Both you and your animal have Free Will.  I cannot guarantee your animal will answer the questions asked, tell you the complete truth, that you will understand or believe what your animal said. Your animal knows you, your situation and will reveal what it feels you will understand or need to know in that moment your animal and I are talking.  I am not accountable or responsible for choices or decisions that either you or your animal make at any point during or after my communication with either of you.


I will usually schedule appointments within 48 hours of receipt of payment with exception of power outages.

You must be an adult and the animal’s person to request an appointment.  The animal’s person is the person the animal lives with, belongs to or humans call the owner.  The animal’s home usually is the same address as the animal’s person.  Horses stabled in another location, or an animal temporarily living with a friend are exceptions.  If location is other than your home, give person’s name, address, and length of time there.  Examples of possible other locations are the pet sitter, kennel, vet’s office, relative, foster care or neighbor.

The appointment is complete when I telepathically disconnect from your animal. Please do not call or email me asking for additional information or clarity, I do not have additional information, you received everything your animal shared.   If you have further questions or want additional information from your animal, submit another form with payment. 

I reserve the right to change any appointment to EMAIL if by phone will not be the clearest connection.

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