Animal Communication 15 Minute

Animal Communication 15 Minute

This appointment is a maximum of 15 minutes for ONE animal choosing one of the categories below.  

You must be the animal’s person to request the appointment.

 Appointment Categories:

  • Behavior Issue – your animal is behaving abnormally or has a specific behavior you want to know the cause and solution.
  • General Wellness inquiries – what specific things does your animal require, what changes can be made to experience its perfect life,  what will benefit you to experience optimum health; would it benefit you have an animal companion, or prefer a different food for optimum health etc.
  • Illness – your animal is not feeling well, perhaps the vet does not know what is wrong, what if anything does your animal want you to do to assist it,  is your animal is in the process of making its transition out of the body.
  • End Of Life – You feel your animal is near the end of its life and you want to know what it wants and needs.


All appointments require a PayPal prepayment and will be conducted by phone, Skype or email.   On the appointment form below, list a maximum of 3 specific questions you want insight on from your animal’s perspective. If your question has multi parts EACH part will be considered one question.

If your animal has more than one issue, an unusual or serious illness choose a 30-minute appointment to give your animal ample time to respond.  I will do my best to get sufficient information to assist you in its care and for its highest good.

I invite you to read the following articles:

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How To Word Questions

Free Will.

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Animal Communication 15 Minute Appointment Request Form 1 Animal – $ 50.00
Animal Communication 15 Minutes - 1 Animal - $ 50.00
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