Animal Communication 30 Minutes

Animal Communication 30 Minutes

This appointment is 30 Minutes for ONE Animal or can be split between TWO animals.  You must be an adult and the animal’s person to request the appointment, no exceptions.

Types Of Appointments

Behavior Issues –  abnormal behavior or a specific behavior you want to know the cause and potential solution.

Illness –  Discover what your animal needs for its highest good and optimal health.  Perhaps it is not feeling well, the vet does not know what is wrong or you want to know if your animal is in the process of making its transition out of the body.

General Wellness exploring optimal wellness for your animal, is it experiencing happiness, optimum health, does it want a companion, etc.

End Of Life – Is your animal near the end of its life and you want to know what it wants you to do and how it wants to transition.


List a maximum of 6 specific questions for one animal or 3 questions each for two animals listing the most important questions first. If the appointment is for 2 animals list the information for each animal in the same order for each of the questions.  For example type of animal select cat, dog, age type 10, 2.  This means the cat is 10 and the dog is 2.  Continue in the same order for each question asked.

Each part of a multi part question is considered one question.  The following question is an example of a multi part question which is considered 3 separate questions.  Why do you claw my chair, do you want a scratching post and if so one that goes to the ceiling? 

My intention is to allow your animal sufficient time to respond to assist you in its care, and for its highest good.

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Animal Communication 30 Minutes - One Or Two Animals
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