Animal Communication 30 Minutes

Animal Communication 30 Minutes

This appointment is a maximum of 30-Minutes for ONE Animal.  You must be the animal’s person to request the appointment. 

Choose one of the following types with a maximum of 6 specific questions:

Behavior Issues – an in-depth focus on an issue – abnormal behavior or has a specific behavior you want to know the cause and solution.

Illness – an in-depth focus on what your animal needs – not feeling well, the vet does not know what is wrong or you want to know if your animal is in the process of making its transition out of the body.

General Wellness exploring optimal wellness for your animal – is it experiencing happiness,  optimum health; does it want a companion, etc.

End Of Life – If you feel your animal is near the end of its life and you want to know what it wants you to do and how it wants to transition.

In Spirit: (Email Only) – your animal friend has passed away and you would like to know how it is, and what messages it has for you.  I understand you want closure and to know that you did all that was possible for your friend.  Asking questions if they were in pain, or what else you could have done increase guilt feelings and will not give you closure.   As a suggestion, I  invite you to allow your friend the opportunity to express what it wants to share with you.


Please list up to 6 specific questions with the most important ones first.  If one of your questions has multi parts EACH part will be considered one question.  My intention is to allow your animal sufficient time to respond with information to assist you in its care, for its highest good, and with any messages.

This form is NOT to be used for a lost animal update.

All appointments require an $90.00 prepayment are conducted by phone, Skype or email with the exception of In Spirit appointments are by EMAIL only.  

I invite you to read the following articles:  Animal CommunicationAnimal FAQHow To Word Questions and to assist you in understanding about animals having Free Will

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Animal Communication 30 Minutes - One Animal - $ 90.00
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