Animal Communication Testimonials

Animal Communication Testimonials


Here are a few shared animal communication testimonials giving a wide variety of experiences.

In Spirit

When an animal friend dies, we humans are often left with questions about how are they doing or could we have done something differently. Suzi did a reading with my cat, and I was given immeasurable peace by the messages she delivered. They also gave me a new found appreciation of how special my cat was (and continues to be in the spirit world). Thanks, Suzi, and I look forward to working with you in the future!

I’ve used Suzi for over a dozen readings and I’ve NEVER been disappointed. I choose this story because of the lessons it taught me. I have both indoor and outdoor cats. I always worried about my outdoor cats getting hurt or sick so when it was one of my “innies” it was a bit surprising.

I was faced with a decision to medically treat Hopps, who was only four years old. In my heart I knew it wouldn’t change anything but lived in doubt and when I didn’t have the strength to stay with him during his transition I was filled with guilt.

Through Suzi Hopps showed me his life plan, why he wanted to leave, and why he was came to me. I learned about love, forgiveness, and again honoring our pets for the lessons they live. Since Hopps I have been able to hold my pets in transition and sing to them, offering them the greatest gift I know – holding them in love and song (I hum to them) so when they get to the other side they feel nothing but love.

Suzi helped me realize that Hopps wanted me to love myself as much as I loved him.  Through my pets I learned my greatest lessons and trust in the knowledge. I feel my pets offer me the clearest guidance and Suzi relays it in a way of warmth and understanding. She also is wonderful about explaining the spirituality of our pets and the relationships we have with them.
MS, Indiana

I have had readings on all of four of the pets pictured. Each one of them opened my heart in a unique way. Three have since passed and the one I thought would leave is still with me. The brother-sister team of Pokey and Stripes came with such love it was overwhelming.

In separate readings she relayed their love for me and our connection. I offer this testimonial to them, for their love, life, and gifts they still offer today. My “garden” kittens. With Suzi’s help I realized that though each cat has a different personality, they also have different purposes and connections with their humans. It is such an honor to know these connections, and through Suzi’s work it deepens the understanding and helps love grow. Thank you.
MS, Indiana