Animal FAQ

Animal Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How soon is the appointment scheduled after I submit the appointment form request and make payment?
A.  Appointments are scheduled usually within 48 hours of receipt of appointment form and payment.  I will send you a confirmation email with your appointment time.  Note In Spirit, Soul Purpose and Lost appointments are by EMAIL only.

Q.  Who can request animal communication?  A.  You must be the animal’s person that is responsible for the care and love of the animal.  The majority of animals will be living with this person with the exception of a horse stabled in another location. If your animal is at a veterinarian hospital or if your animal is temporarily staying with a friend, it is still considered your animal.

Q.  If the animal is the family animal and lives elsewhere, can I request an appointment?  A.  No.  The person that the animal lives with, belongs to, must want the communication.  


Q. Do you offer appointments by phone or Skype?
A. Yes, except NOT for In Spirit, Soul Purpose or Lost Animals.

Q. If the appointment is by phone or Skype, do I call you?
A. No, I will call you at the appointment time.  The exception would be if I use zoom or my teleconference line and then I will send you the conference line and passcode.

Q. What do I need to do for the appointment if it is by phone or Skype?
A. Be in a quiet location without noise, distraction, TV, not driving or riding in a car. Relax your mind and focus on receiving what your animal wants to tell you.  Please do not use the speaker on your phone.

Q. Do you need a picture of my animal? A. No, because I am talking with your animal’s soul essence, not physical body.  
Q. Does my animal need to be physically close to me during the appointment?
A. No, your animal can be anywhere or be doing anything during our conversation.

Q. Does the appointment include any additional questions?
A. No. The appointment time is complete when either I have emailed you what your animal wanted to say or if the appointment was by phone or Skype when the call has ended.

Q. Can I call or contact you if I have more questions?
A. If you have other questions or want additional clarification from your animal, fill out another appointment request form with payment and I will schedule an appointment to reconnect with your animal as soon as I am available.

Q. What types of animal communication appointments do you offer?
A.    General Wellness: determine what your animal needs or wants, its level of happiness, experiencing optimum health; does it want a companion, etc.

      Sick/Illness: not feeling well, what does it want, the vet does not know what is wrong or if your animal is in the process of making its transition out of the body. 

      In Spirit: (by EMAIL ONLY) your animal friend has passed away and you would like to know how it is if it has any messages for you.

      Behavior: your animal is behaving abnormally or has a specific behavior you want to know the cause and possible solution.

     End Of Life:  If you feel your animal friend is near the end of its life and you want to know what it wants or would like to happen.

     Soul Purpose: (by EMAIL ONLY) Are you curious what your animal’s purpose is?

     Lost/Missing: (by EMAIL ONLY)

Q. Do you offer refunds?
A. No, please read my Terms Of Service

I reserve the right to inform you that I am unavailable, I feel that a phone or Skype session will not provide the clearest connection or that I am the right person to assist you.

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