Animal FAQ

Animal FAQ

Animal Communication Frequently Asked Questions 

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Q. How soon will I have the appointment after I submit the form and payment?
A. All appointments are scheduled in the order that they are received. My appointment times are Monday – Friday 11 AM – 3:00 PM Pacific Time.  I will send you a confirmation email with your appointment time.  Note Lost animal and In Spirit, appointments are by EMAIL only.  Most appointments can usually be scheduled within 72 hours of receipt of appointment form and payment.

Q. Do you need a picture of my animal?
A. No, because I am talking with your animal’s soul essence, not with its physical body.

Q. Does my animal have to live with me?
A. Yes, with the exception of a horse that is stabled at another location, if your animal is at a veterinarian hospital or if your animal is temporarily staying with a friend and it is still considered your animal.

 Q. Do you offer appointments by phone or Skype?
A. Yes, except NOT for Lost or In Spirit animals

Q. If the appointment is by phone of Skype, do I call you?
A. No, I call my clients at the appointment time.

Q. What do I need to do for the appointment if it is by phone or Skype?
A. Be in a quiet location, relax your mind and focus on receiving what your animal wants to tell you.   

Q. Does the appointment include any additional questions?
A. No. The appointment time is complete when I have either emailed you what your animal wanted to say or if the appointment was by phone or Skype when the call has ended.

Q. Can I call or contact you if I have more questions?
A. If you have other questions or want additional clarification from your animal, fill out another form with payment and I will schedule an appointment to reconnect with your animal as soon as I am available.

Q. What types of animal communication appointments do you offer?
A. General Wellness: determines what your animal needs or wants, the level of happiness, experiencing optimum health; does it want a companion, etc.  Sick/Illness: not feeling well, what does it want, the vet does not know what is wrong or is your animal is in the process of making its transition out of the body.  In Spirit: (EMAIL Only) your animal friend has passed away and you would like to know how it is if it has any messages for you.  Behavior: your animal is behaving abnormally or has a specific behavior you want to know the cause and solution.  End Of Life:  If you feel your animal friend is near the end of its life and you want to know what it wants or would like to happen.  Lost Animals:  Your animal is missing from your home, the vet, pet sitter etc.

Q. Does my animal need to be physically close to me for the appointment?
A. No, your animal can be anywhere or be doing anything during our conversation.

Q. Do you offer refunds?
A. No

I reserve the right to inform you I am unavailable, I feel that a phone or Skype session will not provide the clearest connection or that I am the right person to assist you.

Connect With SuziThis is available for people that want to talk to me before filling out an appointment form, or to determine if you resonate with me as a person.