Animal Links

Animal Links

My Animal Links page was created with the intention of providing educational information for the care of your animal friend.  Through the years our animals have requested several flower essences, herbs, homeopathic remedies, chiropractic and crystals to assist them.  I invite you to use your discernment, listen to your inner guidance and medical professional when using any product or service. 

Our animals have sampled several brands and varieties of organic canned, organic dry, raw and homemade food in the past 50 years.  We’ve found there isn’t one food that they are willing to eat their entire lives.  Just like us humans, they like a variety and they require different nutrients at different stages of their life.

For the past 24 years we have used Natures Sunshine Products Distress Remedy for stressful times, loud noises or a trip to the vet etc.  We have tried several flower essences, homeopathics and herbs during stressful times and Distress Remedy has always worked the best and the animals don’t mind the taste.  

Traveling With Your Animal

Pet Airways 
Tips For Taking Your Pet To The Great Outdoors


    Petsitter      Petsit     Rover

Places To Adopt

Rescue Me

Animal Chiropractors

American Veterinary Chiropractors

Homeopathic Remedies


Flower Essences & Essential Oils

Bach Flower
Green Hope Essences
Dr. Shelton
Spirit Water Gardens
Star Essence

Dangers & Poisons For Animals

ASPCA Poisonous Household Products
What Not To Feed A Dog
Household Dangers By Room
Dog Dies After Chewing Plant
Pet Food Recall
Animal Poisons
Flea & Tick Poisonous Medications
Xylitol Poisonous For Pets
Garlic & Onion Poisonous To Dogs & Cats

Animal Safety

Heimlich Maneuver For Dogs
Car Ride Safety For Pets

  Helpful Tips

Homes For Senior Pets When Guardian Passes
4 Tips for Helping Injured Wildlife Everyone Should Know
Cat Spaces
Humane Trapping Tips