How To Word Questions To Your Animal

Wording Questions To Your Animal

The basic rule is to be as specific as possible in wording questions to your animal.  You will receive the most information if you ask what you truly want to know.  Then form the question as specifically as possible.   My intention is to show two different ways to word your questions, each producing different answers. 

Most humans are taught to ask general questions, so as not to pry into another’s life. As an example most people say Hi, how are you, which is really considered a greeting. Most people do not expect or want to know how the person actually is. When you are talking with a friend you might ask How are things in your life? Or what’s new in your life?  The latter questions will produce more detailed answers than the greeting question.

When talking with your animal, it is my intention to get as many details as your animal wants to share with you.  I always begin stating the intention that the answers given are for the highest good of the animal and their person.  The more details and insight you receive allows you to make informed choices about the care of your animal friend.

Question Limits

30 minute appointments list up to 6 specific questions beginning with the most important ones first. If you ask multi part questions each part of the question is considered a question and each part counts towards the 6 question limit.

Lost Animal Updates are handled differently. I have a certain number of questions I ask each lost animal and then the time remaining I will ask your additional questions in the order listed.

 Generally Worded Examples

Below are examples, generally worded questions will often bring a one word answer.

How are you?

Are you ok?

Do you like going to the park?

Can Jack take care of you while I am gone?

Do you like your food?

Are you in pain?

Specifically Worded Examples

Are you currently experiencing optimum health?

What is necessary for you to experience optimum health?

Is it for your highest good to have a change of diet to experience optimum health?  Asking about their food in this way will let you know that they desire a change of diet.

What specifically do you need for your optimal diet?  This gives your animal the opportunity to share what it feels it needs

Is going to the park to play your number one choice of things you want to continue to experience?  Sometimes animals will go along with whatever their human likes to do but it is not necessarily their number one choice of things to do.

Is it for your highest physical and emotional good to have Jack take care of you while I am gone for 2 weeks?  This allows your animal to give its opinion of the person of their choice.