Lost Animal 1st Appt

Lost Animal 1st Appointment

The Lost Animal 1st appointment is 60 minutes and conducted by EMAIL only.  I can usually schedule lost animal appointments within 48 hours of receipt of appointment form and payment during my business hours.  You must be the animal’s person to request an appointment, NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Lost Animal appointment is a telepathic communication with your animal with the intention of receiving as much information from your animal they want to share.  There can be many reasons why your animal is not at home with you at this moment.  My 22 plus years experience talking with lost animals has shown me there are no two sessions that are the same.  Each animal’s relationship with their person is different from any other. 

Animals often times come as a guide to assist us with our lives in various ways.  Some of the animals have gone outside of the box to get their person’s attention for something that needed to changed or for them to be aware of. 

Appointment Includes 

You will receive everything your animal chose to share with you, what it described, what it showed me and any shared feeling.  When I disconnect from your animal at the end of the appointment, the appointment is complete, I have no further information.  If you have further questions or need clarification on what your animal shared please fill out and submit payment for a Lost Animal 30 minute update.

Suzi Talks About Missing Animals

Appointment IS By Email Only

Please read Animal Communication, Lost Animal Info, Animal FAQ, Terms Of Service and Free Will before filling out the appointment form. 
Avoid your animal’s message going to Spam Or Bulk Folders – Add suzi@connectinharmony.com and connectinharmony@gmail.com.

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Lost Animal 1st Appointment - One Animal by EMAIL
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