Lost Animal Quick Check

Lost Animal Quick Check

A Lost Animal Quick Check appointment is conducted by EMAIL, is a maximum of 15 minutes to only determine  if your animal is energetically in its physical body at the moment I communicate with your animal.

No other questions will be asked of your animal in this appointment.  This is NOT a full 60 minute lost animal 1st appointment.

If your animal is still in its body, I cannot make any guarantee that your animal will remain in its body after I talk with it. 


A $50.00 prepaid PayPal payment is required before the appointment will be scheduled.   All appointment forms and payments received after 3:00 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday, will be read on my next business day and scheduled in the order received. 

After The Quick Check Appointment

If more information is desired from your animal, EMAIL suzi@connectinharmony.com WITH Continue Lost Animal in the email subject line.   I will send you a PayPal payment request for $130.00 (which is the balance of a 60-minute fee for a first lost animal appointment) and a list of required information for you to complete and return to me by email as quickly as possible.   Once payment and your information is received I will schedule the appointment and email you when it is completed.  You will receive ALL information your animal wanted to share, I do not withhold any information.


 Lost Animal Quick Check Appointment Form – $ 50.00

Lost Animal Quick Check - $ 50.00
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