Lost Animal Testimonials

Lost Animal Testimonials

Here is a variety of unedited lost animal testimonials.  Please be aware that not all animals returned and each animal shared what they wanted their person to know in that moment.  My contribution to the experience is having had the honor to talk with each animal being the communication bridge to their person.

When we contacted Suzi, our beloved cat had left home for seven days. Our hope in finding him was diminishing with each minute gone by. My husband and I were emotion wrecks. After we tried all the conventional searching method: posting, asking neighbors, searching nearby garages and sheds, in despair, we went on the internet hoping to find any professional missing cat search service. We found Suzi Dalling.

At the beginning, we were skeptical of the whole animal communicator thing. However, the results were incredible.   After filled out our information (our cat name, the picture of our cat, our home address, etc.) and paid the consultation fee, we heard back from Suzi on the very next day. She told us that she has reached to the soul essence of our cat, ensured us that he was in perfect health and was playing when she tuned into him. He just wanted to take a “vacation” to explore around the new home before the winter comes. Most importantly, he loved us and was happy at our home and will come back very soon.

It was sensational and emotional when I was reading Suzi’s words. Although my husband was still a little skeptical, I was certain those words were from our cat because it matched his playful personality and adventurous spirit. I felt like he was looking at me and talking to me. At that moment, I knew our cat would come back.  The next three days were still long and unbearable but my heart was full of hope and joy. Most miraculously, in the wee hour on the tenth day of missing, our cat has come back on his own from his “vacation”, healthy, happy, dirty and hungry. He rolled on the ground to greet to us and then hit the food and drink station and devoured for twenty minutes nonstop.

I am truly grateful that our missing cat story has a happy ending. Suzi was the big part of the miracle. Suzi struck me most was her confidence in her ability to communicate with animals. Despite of the fact that she has never seen our cat, except for the picture we’ve provided, and thousand miles apart (we were in Connecticut, she was in California), she gave me a definite answer about the return of our missing cat and even asked me to inform her when our cat returned home. I have no doubt in her special ability in connecting with animals.

Lastly, I want to give my heart to all the missing animal parents. We have been there. Be strong, keep faith, even with Suzi’s help, the hope and persistence were really the most important thing that kept us going for ten long days. Wish the safe return for all missing animals.

J. Z. New Haven, Connecticut

Thanks for helping Suzi.  I should have emailed you a while ago, but was totally exhausted after the ordeal.

Suzi is the real deal! Once again, she communicated with a lost kitty and helped guide him home! Her reading was so helpful and so precise and so thorough. To anyone out there with a lost pet, choose Suzi! She is an invaluable resource.


Mesa was missing for one week. She got hit by a car outside our home and ran off scared.  I searched for days. We posted flyers, notified the shelter and PD. No luck. Someone suggested contacting an animal communicator.  I found Suzi via email. She is incredible and Mesa came home the day she talked to Mesa. She told me her back left leg was injured. Mesa came home with a completely broken left femoral head.  Words can’t explain how happy I am to have her home.  I don’t think Mesa would have had the courage if it wasn’t for Suzi. Thank you so much. KK, WY

Hansel & Mama Red

We have had 2 different experiences with our cats, one with Hansel and one with Mama Red. In both cases, since we live in the country, we were concerned that they had probably been eaten by a coyote. All the same, we wanted to hear from Suzi. And to our amazement, her message from Hansel was that he was on an adventure and would be home in a few days…..so of course, we wanted to believe that; but after a few days, we had still not seen him. BUT then suddenly he jumped through the cat window! Meowing and meowing!

As for Mama Red, we had almost given up on her….and then she was home! And Suzi had written to us ahead of time that they were each saying that they would be home.  Moreover, the wonderful bonus was, that in both cases, these cats were much more relational, much more loving…it is as if it really helped them to know that we had sought to find them, that we were really concerned about them, that they were really a part of the family.

What a blessing Suzi has given to us to be able to heighten these beautiful relationships with Hansel and Mama Red!  Always grateful for the help Suzi has given to our little family
J&P Valley Center, CA


I took a trip last year and two days before I left one of my “adopted” outdoor cats disappeared. He was one of four that I trapped, neutered and made an outdoor home for.  I had gone through one of the greatest losses of my life and my “Core Four” showed up in my garden, they helped me to open my heart again.  When JJ disappeared I was devastated. The entire trip I couldn’t stop worrying. This was the first time I contacted Suzi (of many since).

I learned about freedom, choice, and what real love is. Even though JJ never came back to me I knew why he came, what HIS purpose was, and what love meant – letting go. This was what my heart needed most, and JJ (through Suzi) helped me realize that we are never lost to each other and the greatest gift we can give is love – a love that allows each of us to experience our life purpose.
Through other readings of the “Core Four” I learned that JJ was ok, doing what he needed, and would always be a part of my heart and our time together. 



Tegan was lost in Los Angeles (Venice Beach) after running from a car accident.  Suzi spoke to her and Tegan said she was near the water at the marina where it was quiet and not so noisy.  Tegan was going to try and approach someone when she got up the courage.  Tegan is a very sensitive and timid dog.  We live near the beach and the smell of the marina must have reminded her of home.  We plastered the area with flyers of her.

Tegan was gone 24 days and ended up being just where Suzi saw her at the marina near the water, she was waiting for us to find her.  We kept looking for her.  She was found in the marina, staying in an unoccupied boat moored to the dock.  The boat manager said she had been seeing a dog on the dock for the past two weeks at night, but thought it was just a boat owners dog and it was dark.  We had plastered that area with flyers, so when the dock worker saw her at 8 AM in the morning, he remembered her from the flyer.  It took three people and sliced turkey to get a rope on her and up to the office.

We are so blessed to have her back.  The experience of her loss showed me the kindness of literally over a thousand people who shared her picture on social media, contributed money for the reward, prayer for her return.  I really felt the power of that energy to bring her home.

Beth, Huntington Beach, CA


Suzi helped us by communicating with our missing indoor cat Blackie and sharing with us his thoughts and feelings including why he had left home and where he was hanging out! Most importantly, Suzi relayed that Blackie was not hurt and was doing ok.
He is an indoor kitty and accustomed to all manner of creature comforts so we were very worried!

It was truly amazing how Suzi was in tune with Blackie and was positive that he was coming home, because he had told her. That was of great comfort to my husband and I who were frantically searching for him and staying up all night in shifts waiting for him to return.

Suzi asked our Blackie to show himself to us if he was not coming home right away. She mentioned that she could not promise that he would, but she asked! A few minutes after we got Suzi’s email report on a Friday afternoon about her conversation with Blackie, we saw him in the back yard just briefly. He had obviously agreed to do as she requested. 

And then he disappeared on our hillside and yes, Blackie, did return to us on a Sunday morning at 2:00 AM.  Suzi said he would, and he did. He had been gone 5 nights.

On a personal note, we want to thank Suzi for her fast response to our request to help us find Blackie and for the compassion and care that she showed. Her gift of being able to communicate with animals is one that we appreciate and will be forever grateful for. Her gentle spirituality is obviously in cosmic rhythm with all creatures great and small. So our heartfelt thanks to you, Suzi, for being there for us and Blackie.

Gratefully yours, Evelyn & John Granacki, Rolling Hills Estates, CA

We have been recommending you to all our friends and shared your contact information with our neighbors, so happy to know you are in the universe, Suzi!

Our dog went missing while being cared for by my in-laws, who live in another state. I was so worried about her. I found Suzi via the internet and made the arrangements for her to communicate with our dog. My husband was reluctant to seek the services of an animal communicator, but I felt that it would help us get our dog back.

Suzi was wonderful to work with and very professional. She was able to communicate with our dog and gave us very helpful and uplifting information about her whereabouts and reasons for her running/ staying away. Suzi told us about a geographical area that coincided with where there had been a sighting of our dog earlier.

Suzi helped us again when we received many more tips of sightings of our dog but could not locate her. Suzi’s suggestions were spot on and allowed me to focus my energy and reunite with my dog. I am so grateful for Suzi’s gift and services. We are so happy to have our dog back! Thank you Suzi! Stephanie


Suzi told me to be patient and that “Bailey” would come home. He felt like his home was with us, he just didn’t think we needed him around.  Eventually he did come around and I spotted him in the EXACT location Suzi told me that he would be! I called her up and she said “He’s still not sure, today may not be the day.” And sure enough, off he flew.

When I was about to give up the next day I walked slowly in front of my house calling Bailey’s name and low and behold he landed on a tree branch right above my head. Any even parrot officianados will tell you they can’t live for more than three days in the wild. Bailey made it 5 and thanks to Suzi’s guidance, I didn’t let time get the best of me.
S.L.D, Northern Virginia, USA


You saved my service dog. Thank you so much. I was not a believer but I was willing to try anything. My dog is my soul mate. She was exactly where you said she was to the point. And when I did what you said, got on ground level and called her name just as you said to, she finally responded and barked.

Scarlet is a 10 pound dog and would not have survived the night. I gave you two street names and you told me the farthest building off Mariner’s Church, south side, by a parking lot, within 5 feet of a building, in the shade, etc. You said to call her name at ground level.

Her service is for PTSD and anxiety and I made it through with your help to get her back.
Ysabel Goldberg, Irvine, CA, USA


When Tula hadn’t returned home for 4 days, I just couldn’t believe that she was still alive, but needed closure….wanted to find out what had happened to her etc….and how to go on. So, I got in touch with you…..I had been in touch with some other communicators but they couldn’t help me for over 10 days (not much help in my case)…and so that was really great that you would jump on the case and give me info asap. You assured me that she was alive – you confirmed issues – ongoing in my life and told me what I needed to do.

I cried when I read your conversation with Tula and let go of my worry of whether or not she would return….telling myself that if she didn’t return as you said she would and she said she would then I would at least have a week to process things – to gain some distance. You told me you thought she would come back sooner than this coming weekend. 

Last night I was doing dishes….Tula’s brother was in the house – I heard a meow & listened for another & then went outside & called Tula’s name – she moseyed over to me like she’d never been gone….but she was so in need of being held & eating. She lost a lot of weight, but other than that seems fine…I’ve kept her inside today to let her rest & eat & tomorrow I hope to resume her indoor outdoor life…I’ll be in touch with more animals….you’ve gained my respect and trust – thank you
EGI, Bolson Argentina


My 3 year old, indoor-only, neutered male cat “Tiny” escaped out our front door, we saw him the next day, but he ran when I called him, I found him again in a tree a week later, scared to death, but when I went to reach for him he jumped down from the tree. We have a dense wooded area in the back of our house to the right. I called him day and night, but saw no sign of him.

I tried trapping a few times, but only caught a feral cat and a neighbor’s cat, then our temperatures started to drop drastically where we live in MA, we were getting zero temps. at night, with wind chill factors going down much lower. I was so scared that he would freeze to death or some animal may have gotten him. I didn’t know what to do and was so desperate that I finally contacted an animal communicator (I felt a little silly) who gave me some vague information, then I contacted Suzi who gave me info from her communication with Tiny.

It didn’t sound like him at all because he’s very timid, but she said he told her that he was living in a barn and staying with some feral cats who were hurt and helping them find food. He said he was fine and that he would be home soon and that he didn’t mean to be gone this long, but wanted to help these kitties. He said that one day I would see him coming down with a lot of the feral cats, but maybe not for a couple of weeks when the other kitties were healed. I was pretty skeptical about all of this and didn’t take much stock in it, but then, low and behold, 4 days later, that’s almost exactly what happened, we couldn’t believe our eyes, but it was definitely him!

Later on, I started to remember what Suzi had told me he had communicated to her and it pretty much fit. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not!

He’s been as near as our back yard, but still runs away if we call him, which is very typical of him, he likes to come in on his own (he’s escaped before). I have watched him all day today up in the field, basking in the sun and sleeping, then later on in the afternoon he appeared in the back yard again, but got spooked when he heard some car doors shutting out front (again, typical of Tiny). Eventually, I hope and pray he’ll want to come in.
JET – Brockton, MA


I contacted you for a session to help us locate our missing epileptic cat, Snowball. You connected with him in July and gave us valuable information. I just wanted to let you know that SNOWBALL HAS BEEN FOUND! He is alive! He has lost 1/2 of his body weight but our vet is giving him fluids and injections and we are providing the TLC. He is expected to be fine.

We do not know where all he has been, but he was discovered in a garage 3 blocks from our home. He had been gone 50 days (7 weeks to the day from when he went missing). We are forever grateful for Suzi’s services. She pinpointed the exact location where he was eventually found. The person who lives in the home noticed our ad in the paper and saw him run into their garage and called us. PRAISE THE LORD!
And, thank you, thank you, thank you, Suzi!
Deb Gilmore, Compton, IL


We found Baily the Sunday after you communicated with him. He was in the same area we had last seen him, could have gone back there after branching out.  He let himself be seen Saturday nite, and again Sunday early afternoon, which finally led me to his location, and after a couple of hours of walking around the fields/woods where he was spotted, with the help of two good friends, we were finally re-united.

He lost 18 lbs and was very dehydrated, but otherwise ok, and very happy to see me! We went to ER vet for some I.V.s/bathing/de-ticking. After a couple of weeks of TLC, he is almost back to his normal weight, with back to his old self.

Thanks again for helping re-unite us! Kirsten


Salgu came back home this afternoon. A woman told me she saw Salgu run by the waterfield (5 min from the place you told me) and I ran and found her. Thank you so much..Thank you. Thank you. Your consultation was really helpful to me to find her.

Salgu (It means Apricot in Korean) and I visited the vet yesterday. The vet told me Salgu is physically have weakened a lot. Thanks for your help it has been very helpful to find Salgu. Thanks again. On this occasion I learn I didn’t know many things in the world and also a lot of preconceived notions and prejudices. Now I think I will fight against them.
I’m trying to talk with her a lot more since she’s back. But she hasn’t smiled like before. I feel Salgu is still physically tired. I’m waiting for Salgu to forget the bad things and show me a bright smile. I think you have precious ability and job. Sending you the great respect and gratitude.
Thank you
Jay Chang S. Korea


My beautiful black rescue cat, Portia went missing on March 27th. My friend had used Suzi to find her cat. I gave her all the information and my cat gave very few clues, but Suzi was able to tell me three things which led me to my sweet rescue cat! It was amazing! A miracle, to say the least! Suzi, I cannot put into words how happy you have made me and Portia with this reuniting! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Pamyla L, Irvine, CA