Lost Animal Update

Lost Animal Update

A lost animal update appointment is a maximum of 30-minutes in length, by email only and only for people I have completed the first 60 minute lost animal appointment.  Required: You must be the animal’s person/owner to request an appointment, no exceptions.  The purpose of this appointment is to receive the most current information from your animal.  I cannot guarantee that you will receive any additional information than you already have.

What To Do Next

It’s important to include specific details that have taken place since I first talked with your animal or from the last update.  Things can change from moment to moment and what might seem trivial to you could assist me in asking a specific question that might bring you more insight.  My intention always is that you receive as much information as your animal is willing to share.  When listing each possible sighting, provide sighting date, sighting time and sighting location including city and state.

When Will Appointment Be Completed

Once your completed form and payment is received, I will email you when I have scheduled to complete the appointment.  I schedule lost animal appointments as quickly as possible.  When the appointment is complete I will email you what your animal wanted to tell you. If further information is desired, please fill out another 30-minute update form and submit payment.
Before filling out the appointment form, please read my article on Free Will
Avoid your animal’s message going to Spam Or Bulk Folders – Add suzi@connectinharmony.com

Terms Of Service

Lost Animal Update Form

Lost Animal 30 Minute Update Appointment by EMAIL
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