Chat With Suzi

Chat With Suzi

A Chat with Suzi appointment is for potential new clients only.  It is a free ONE time 10-minute maximum chat by phone or Skype for USA & Canada all other countries are by SKYPE. They will be scheduled based on my availability.

What Is The Purpose?

This chat gives both of us the opportunity to determine if we resonate with one another.

NOTE:  During this chat I will not explain my services, connect to your guides, or your animal.  Before filling out the chat request form, I invite you to read the links below for information on the type of appointment you are interested in:

Animal Communication, Akashic Reading, and MultiDimensional Guidance & Energy

Chat Times Available:  Monday – Friday  11:00 AM – 2:45 PM Pacific Time

Phone:  805-512-1720       Skype:  connect_in_harmony      


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Chat With Suzi

Chat With Suzi

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