Free Will

Free Will

Each animal and human is given Free Will by our Creator.  We are accountable to choose what thoughts, actions and beliefs to have in each moment.  In other words, we cannot place blame on anyone for our conscious or unconscious decisions, actions, opinions or thoughts.  There is no one else inside our mind having thoughts.  This is a huge awareness to accept that each individual exercises FREE WILL every moment in every day choosing what to say, do, how to respond and take action.

Responsible For Our Thoughts

Accepting full responsibility for each thought and action may trigger unpleasant past memories of being punished for something you said or did or felt fear of the consequences.  Most global societies have taught us to blame others either partly or fully for anything that has happened.  By blaming others their intention was to cast the punishment and disapproval onto others instead of themselves.  This has created wars, segregation, racism, religious persecution just to name a few.

After breaking a household rule, perhaps you had the experience of hearing from your parents: “wait until your father gets home”, “if you do that you are grounded for a month”, “if you do not get a passing grade you cannot play sports/go to the dance/drive the car etc.” Each time you were told something like that, it reinforced the belief that you could not be trusted to choose your thoughts, actions without punishment, disapproval and judgment.

Animals Do Not Have An Ego

Animals do not possess an ego.  They are not interested in what time it is; what street they are on, how much money their person has, what day of the week it is, where anyone else goes or what they do. The animal kingdom wants to teach humans to love unconditionally, how to live in the NOW moment and to be all you are. You don’t see an elephant trying to be a lion or a bird trying to be a cat.  They enjoy the species they are.

Animals Enjoy Their Free Will

Observe your animal friends; they use free will all the time. If an animal is tired, it sleeps, if it is hungry, it eats or lets you know it wants to be fed, if they want to play, they play and if it doesn’t like someone it does not stay around them.  An animal will do what feels good to them right then in that NOW moment. They want to teach us to live in the NOW, have fun, enjoy life and share the love. Their love is unconditional, without prejudice, judgment or attachments.

Free Will Examples

If we were talking and I asked you your age and you answered over 30, I accept that as truth. Later you admit your age is 39.  You exercised your free will in choosing not to tell me your actual age when asked.

If I ask your animal to show me where they are at the moment that I am speaking with them, they may show me where they were minutes, hours, days, weeks or months ago. Animals live in the Universal NOW moment which is non linear, without time.

time frames

Humans want a definite linear time frame. NOW to a human means immediately, this instant.  Some humans expect the time frame or location their animal gave to stay the same for hours, days or weeks.  This is impossible and brings frustration and disappointment to the human.  Animals will try to give us a linear time frame.   I ask you consider these questions or similar ones:  How would you explain what the sky looks like to a blind person?  How would you describe what an apple tastes like to someone that has never eaten one?

What An Animal Shares

“Talking with an animal I accept what they are saying to their person as the truth. They are sharing what they want you (their person) to know in that moment. Sometimes they want their person to look outside their normal way of thinking and discover a new perception, or a different way of doing something or to make a change in behavior etc. Your animal may have taken on the role of teacher to help guide you to the answer.

Your Free Will

You have free will to believe what your animal shared or what I have shared.  I cannot force any animal or person to tell the pure truth.  I am only responsible for my thoughts, actions, beliefs and perceptions.

© Copyrighted by Suzi Dalling 2018