In Spirit Animal Communication

In Spirit Animal Communication

An In Spirit Animal Communication appointment is 30 minutes and only conducted by email. I realize and understand how emotional this time was for you.  23 of my animal friends have transitioned over the years and each time was emotional.

It is my intention for you to receive as much information as your animal friend wants to share with you. Conducting these appointments by email allows me the clear connection to only your animal without the emotional overwhelm that your human ego is feeling. As humans we can be very emotional and these feelings are continually being broadcast out from us as energy.

Most humans want closure and think if they know the details they can move on.  Knowing what, why or if you could have done anything differently for your animal will not bring you closure.  Those fear thoughts will continue to perpetuate feelings of guilt that you didn’t do enough or you could have done better etc.  Animals do not judge us, never want us to feel guilty and most times will not answer about the details knowing how their person will receive it.

In my experience my clients have preferred to have the written words of their loved one to reread at their discretion. It’s similar to watching a movie for the second time and not remembering something from the first time.

In Spirit Animal Communication 30 Minutes - One Animal
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