Lost Animal Information

Lost Animal Information

Lost animal appointments can be challenging for the animal communicator as well as the animal.  When I am talking with your animal it might share feelings, emotions and insights.  Each animal’s relationship with their person is different from any other.  I cannot force your animal to talk or answer any question. 

Please read my article about Free Will so that you will have another perspective. 

Are You New To Animal Communication?

If you are new to animal communication I invite you to read Animal Communication, Lost Animal Tips and FAQ.  

All animal communication is telepathic with your animal.  The appointment time is used to obtain as much information from your animal they want to share.  There can be many reasons why your animal is not at home with you at this moment.   Animals often come as one of our guides to assist us with our lives in various ways.   Some of the animals have felt they needed to go outside of the box to get their person’s attention for something that needed to changed or for their person to be aware of.

Appointment Scheduling

I consider all sick, end of life and lost animal cases priority.  I do my best to complete lost animal appointments within 72 hours from receipt of payment.  If not possible, I will email you my first available appointment.  I do not maintain a waiting list.   Please read my cancellation policy.

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Lost Animal Appointments BY EMAIL ONLY
I offer 3 types of Lost Animal appointments by EMAIL and scheduled in the order received. 

1.  Lost Animal First appointment 60 minutes * non refundable $ 100.00 fee *

2.  Lost Animal 30 Minute Update * non refundable $ 50.00 fee * only available after I have conducted the initial 60 Minute Appointment

3.  Lost Animal Quick Check 15 minutes * non refundable $ 25.00 fee * only to determine if your animal is still in its physical body, no other information is obtained. 

Lost Animal Continuation 45 minutes * non refundable $ 75.00 fee * and is the balance of a Lost Animal First Appointment after a Lost Animal Quick Check has been completed. 

Please note my fees are subject to change without notice.  Please add suzi@connectinharmony.com to your contacts to avoid messages going to your spam.