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MultiDimensional Guide And Energy Facilitator Suzi Dalling

A MultiDimensional Guide And Energy Facilitator maintains the energetic space for you to identify obstacles, limiting beliefs, both known and unknown and choose to release.  The sacred space created offers opportunity to uncover your hearts desires, unrealized potentials, abilities, and dreams.

During your appointment, I might be guided to suggest tools for you to use, or offer energy alchemy to allow clearing of any blocks.  I cannot make any guarantee that any pattern, or self-sabotaging belief that is revealed will be removed.  There are several layers to every belief system or pattern and have been formed over many lifetimes.  You have Free Will to choose to be open to receive insight, choose to keep status quo, choose to remove what no longer serves you or re-create them.

Your appointment may include guidance from one or more of the following:  your Higher Self, your soul, your guides, your angels, my guidance team and other high vibrational MultiDimensional Beings I work closely with.  I may connect with Beings that have never had a physical body or have had several incarnations in physical Earthly forms.  Ask and trust that whoever is for your highest soul’s good, will be in attendance.  Whoever offers assistance may or may not feel that their names are important to reveal.  I often times will hear a voice of one of several that are present.  Whatever I hear or am being shown I will relay it to you.

Benefits You May Choose To Receive

  • Become aware of self-sabotaging patterns, limiting beliefs, and emotions keeping you feeling stuck
  • Choose to replace limiting beliefs, patterns and emotions with inspiration, knowledge, soul’s purpose, action steps, and joy
  • Release unwanted karma, beliefs, and paradigms
  • Let go of the past and embrace your future
  • Learn steps to create prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life
  • Reconnect with who you truly are
  • Discover your passions
  • Allow your heart to create a life filled with love and joy
  • With the receiving and acceptance of MultiDimensional energy loosen any physical blockages, and choose to dissolve and remove the cause

Prior To The Appointment

Choose which topic is the most important to you at this time.  In choosing your topic, sit quietly, take a few slow deep breaths, relaxing into a peaceful state and then ask yourself what do I feel is the most important issue for me to focus on now.  Most issues have several layers and supporting belief systems that have accumulated over the span of several lifetimes.

Some possible suggestions:

What are the beliefs stopping me from realizing my dreams?

What can I do to have fulfilling, joyous relationships?

Which job or career path will fulfill my soul’s missing and give me joy?

Describe the awareness I need to know about the fear of ___________

What is the purpose of the anger I feel?

The Appointment

Before I call you at your appointment time, I clear my energy.  Please be in a quiet environment without TV, radio, traffic and distractions.  When your appointment begins we will set the intention you receive the desired information and guidance that is for your highest good and highest joy in that moment.  I might offer guidance assisting you in wording questions to obtain insight.

After The Appointment

If you would like to share your experience working with me I welcome your testimonial.  I ask that I am able to share your testimonial on my website for the benefit of others.  The majority of people that become clients are referrals or ones that resonated with a testimonial.

My Ethics

I honor you through the stages of your life’s journey, knowing you have free will to choose how you create your life. I believe that we are all created by the One Creator Source equal, resourceful, complete and capable of finding the answers we need from our inner selves.

My commitment to you is to:

* Assist in aligning you with your chosen desires
* Offer a safe place for you to explore yourself
* Encourage your path of self-discovery
* Support you during the appointment as you find solutions for your life
* Maintain a professional, compassionate, encouraging relationship

You will choose what you focus on, I will listen and may contribute observations, exercises, questions, and energy alchemy. You have free will to choose to accept or take action from the guidance you receive.

My intention is to be clear that you will be doing the work and I am here as your guide and facilitator. I do not make any guarantee that you will receive anything more from your appointment or from me as your guide than the effort you are willing to contribute or what you choose to release.

Your information is sacred and will not be shared – Privacy Policy

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