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Akashic Reading ~ MultiDimensional Energy ~ Transformational Guidance ~ Intuitive Facilitation

A personal appointment with a choice of one of the following selections of an Akashic Reading, MultiDimensional Energy or Transformational Guidance.  The intention of any of these appointments is to bring you insight into your life and/or transmute energy that no longer serves you. 

Each appointment is a maximum of 45 minutes, requires a $150.00 PayPal prepayment and will be conducted by phone or Skype. 

It is my intention to provide you with a downloadable MP3 recording of your appointment.  Note:  Due to technical difficulties, line static, energy fluctuations, or phone reception. I cannot guarantee that the MP3 will record correctly or have clear sound.  As a suggestion, I encourage you to take notes during the session.

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Personal Intuitive Facilitation - 45 Minutes $150.00