MultiDimensional Energy

MultiDimensional Energy

Every MultiDimensional Energy appointment is unique to the individual.    Energetic blockages are formed in layers either over one lifetime or can be from several lifetimes.  Each layer can be supported by several beliefs and experiences and may take additional appointments to reach the first core cause.  Once the energy has shifted and transmuted, the body is able to resume its original energetic flow.  This may be immediate, take several days, weeks or months to integrate, and varies with each person.

Our Bodies

Our eyes usually see our bodies as dense, however, in reality they are energy continually flowing.  All of our emotions, beliefs and experiences cause the energy to either become sluggish or stop flowing in an area which affects different parts of the body.

The Appointment

Before I call you for your appointment I clear my energy, meditate and create a sacred space for you.  At the beginning of your session I tune into your Higher Self, your guidance, scanning your energetic and physical body.  I will ask what your body wants released at that moment for your highest good.  You may immediately feel different sensations; a warm or tingling sensation, something being dissolved, a light feeling or perhaps nothing at all.  There is no right or wrong experience.  You will receive the energy only if you have chosen to accept it.

To receive the maximum benefit from any appointment, I invite you to consciously choose to be open and allow the Divine energy to release, cleanse, balance, shift and everything is taking place in Divine timing and for your highest good.  Any energy that is removed is replenished with Divine Energy.

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